Gini Crepps - Studio #10

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”.
– Scott Adams

Gini Crepps: Artist
The Art of Color and Texture

“I have always had an emotional response to color and texture. I feel it, see it, and paint
it. I find that it’s not the “what” of the painting, but the “how”...I think that is why multi
media, in all its varied forms, has become so much a part of my creative journey.”
A native Californian, Gini has lived in the Northern Sacramento area since 1973,
a graphic designer since 1975, and currently the owner of IQ Design, Inc. In 2013, she
was very fortunate to open Gallery iQ...a dream come true...combining business and
passion into one location in Rocklin, CA.

For Gini, it’s all about color. She says she has responded to color since she was a little girl
– visually and emotionally...So after 25 years of being in graphics, she finally decided to
follow a heartfelt passion and start painting...but!...

It actually all started on the golf course when she allowed herself “not to be
perfect”... She realized that in the graphic arts profession, every minute of every day
had to be perfect, no room for errors, and that flowed over into everything she was
doing...including not getting started on a painting! Once it was okay “not to be
perfect!”, Gini was able to get past the “fear”, start working, just see what
happened...and hoped to have a few successes along the way.

Through classes and workshops, Gini began her journey of discovering the what
and how of painting...subject matter, style, medium, light, value, composition, and
the “magic” that makes a painting sing. And she says there is still so much more to
explore! What she has discovered is that your medium is your voice...your sense of
design is instrumental in determining your success.

Gini has been involved with Rocklin Fine Arts for over 10 years as both president and
vice president. She has been involved in the Placer Arts Studio Tour, an award winner
at several regional shows, judged at the California State Fair Student Graphics venue,
Western States Horse Expo Art Show, Vacaville Art League, Lincoln Arts, and been
involved in several different critique groups. She also teaches workshops and classes
at Gallery iQ, and been instrumental in bringing renown national and international
artists to teach workshops at the gallery in Rocklin. She has chaired, hosted and
curated many different shows throughout her art career.

“I am thrilled and honored to be one of the prestigious group of artists in the High Hand Art

“All Art requires Courage...” –Anne T