Passport Prizes

"Passport" Stamps
Bring your brochure or a printed copy of the Trek map and receive one stamp per location. Collect at least 8 stamps to be eligible for a drawing. Write your contact information on the brochure or map and turn it in at your last stop. Drawing winners will receive one of 19 fine art prizes created by the Studio Trek artists. Participants must be 18 or older to enter.

Some of the prizes in 2018:

Jim Higbee
Helen Gruelle Hunter

Lynda Pike

Mya Louw
Elma Jellá

Craig Johnson

Darlene Engellenner

Diane Bell

Judy Dillon

Steve Dillon

Marcia Murray

Judy Sherman

Connie Rodriguez

Eileen McDavid

Joe Strickland

Pam Burns

Pat Abraham