Steve Dillon - Studio #3

Hi, I am Steve Dillon, sixteen years retired from a 30-year career with the City of Roseville as Planning Director and Community Development Director/Assistant City Manager.  My main hobby interest, besides golf, has always been photography.  Starting with a basic Brownie camera in my youth, I have graduated to a series of Nikon cameras and lenses, and have been shooting digitally since 2005.

My subject matter and techniques vary and include traditional and unique images.  I look for simple, strong compositions that can be reproduced in small or large formats.  Favorite topics are:  old abandoned  things such as buildings, cars, trucks, trains; birds of all sorts; and use of tight crops of larger images to better capture shapes, patterns, textures and colors.

I do scenic panoramas that are printed, and laminated on a rigid backing, foregoing the need for glass to protect the image.  I have also been laminating and making frames for standard size images.

Also, to do “flair without glare”, I also like to work with images on canvas, as gallery wraps, which includes a number of panoramic scenes, and other interesting subjects.  Plus, I have also started framing canvas pieces as an alternative presentation.

While I am generally over-matched by the workings of Photoshop, I am able to apply some of the basic programs that allow me to produce the best possible images.  However, I still feel the best image is the one produced by the natural setting, and not by the artificial one created by technology.