Steven Taggart

My father enjoyed photography for years, not for showing, but as a hobby and for memories of places he’d been, the things he enjoyed and the family around him. He showed them to friends and family in slide shows at our home, perhaps a bit too often. I was often by his side as he took photos and I learned from him, but did not take up photography for years.

My mother, an accomplished oil painter in the Western Artists Society, sold her art throughout the Bay Area including at galleries in Carmel and Mendocino and had showings in the Hall of Flowers in the San Francisco. Through her I learned more about the arts, including color, perspective and lighting (but I couldn’t paint a stick figure if my life depended on it).

Eventually I began my own photography as a hobby. Once I came home from an African Safari with 80 rolls of Kodachrome, not knowing if any of them were good until they were developed. When I retired from my career after 40 years and needed to redefine my life, I realized that out of the tens of thousands of photos I’d taken, some of the 5000 or so I’d kept on my computer were actually pretty good. So, at that point I started showing and selling my art work. There is a life after retirement. A new career!

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