Trisa Swerdlow - Studio #10

Beyond my internal, daily NEED to create, my art itself is all about finding joy in everyday things and experiences. That is what I express with my work and what I hope I bring to others.
My eclectic personal style is reflected in my art. Pulling from diverse influences ranging from Classic Art, The Impressionist movement, Mid Century Modern Design, Punk Rock, Nature, Art Nouveau, Modern Art, Graffiti Art, even a pinch of Steam Punk. I mentally collect images that appeal to me and my work becomes a true expression of all that I am.
I have been utterly obsessed with glass fusing for the last five years. The more techniques I learn, the more inspired I become to push the boundaries of what is possible. Sometimes this results in catastrophic failure and sometimes it results in awesomeness! Failure makes the successes sweeter. That is how I live and how I create.
I am an active member of Rocklin Fine Arts and The Arts Council of Placer County. More of my work can be seen at Gallery IQ in Rocklin, where I serve as assistant curator and at High Hand Gallery in Loomis, where I serve on the board of directors.
Visit my website: or on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @Trisa Swerdlow Studio
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