Elizabeth Hendrix - Studio #12

I grew up on the East coast loving horses and art. Following my passion for Dressage I became a successful trainer and competitor of 20+ years. Several years ago I suffered a minor illness that created a facial neuralgia which derailed my equestrian career. In that pivotal moment I turned to my love of art and began my artistic journey. I wrote and illustrated a children’s book Angel and Evie – Catching a Unicorn that has sold over 2000 copies. As an equine and animal artist, I work hard to breathe life, emotion and personality into each painting or sketch. Whether I am using oil paints, pencils or watercolors, I want to feel what that animal is feeling. I have received numerous awards for my paintings and enjoy sharing my story; I hope to inspire others who are traveling down their own bumpy roads.

In my studio you will find ready to hang originals, framed and unframed giclee prints, silk scarves, my children’s book and numerous small gift items. We can certainly discuss starting a commissioned painting of your pet as well!

EBHPortraits.com (925) 785-1069 lizBhendrix@sbcglobal.net

In life, as in art, only in embracing the dark can you appreciate and enjoy the light!

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