Eileen McDavid - Studio #7

My art has taken many twists and turns along with my life but one influence remains consistent throughout.  I seem to want to tell a story behind the art as in the sculptures I am doing now.  These figures, called "The Old Ones" are spontaneous in coming through me and no matter how hard I try to control who comes forth, the clay and/or my fingers have a mind of their own.  I have no previous sketches to go by, just happenstance.  The body comes first and then I sit with a small piece of clay and let the face come.  That is when I get a sense of who is visiting and they are all different from the last.  The serenity in these faces is a reminder of the peace that is so needed in this hurried life we all live, and I welcome that as I sit with this small piece of clay.

 As to how they are given a name comes from the way they end up standing and also their face.  But another factor is my own need of trying to hang on to what I find to be the most important things in life--those values that humans used to hold as Sacred and have somehow been forgotten among many.  I can remember in my childhood how these values were most important and the elders would act as if these values were the basis of living, thus naming this series of figures "The Old Ones".  I wonder often when seeing the actions of some today, especially those in power, if they have forgotten what feelings like Integrity, Truth, Honor, or just listening to the land is like and how it brings forth the Peace we all desire.  So my art is merely and hopefully a reminder of those values we all used to hold dear.