Connie Rodriguez - Studio #3b

I consider myself an abstract expressionistic artist who loves working with both acrylics and mixed media because of their versatility. My work is often informed by nature, by a place or thing. The mysteries and the sacred in life are awe filled for me and I strive to capture that feeling of place or thing in my work. I have been teaching art for the past 7 years called, “Painting from the Inside Out.” This sums up how I like to paint and how I want to inspire my students, often new to painting, to think about what they want to bring forth in imagery. As a former Jungian psychotherapist, symbols, archetypes and dreams often emerge in my work.

I usually will begin a painting by using molding paste, gesso and a color on the whole canvas. I often have a Title of a piece to begin the painting, but as for the concept - well that takes form as I live into the title. For example, recently I was in Sedona, and saw a street called “The Back of the Beyond”. Instantly I was intrigued by that street name and felt a desire to paint that; whatever “that “is... right now that street name is incubating a painting. I can feel the energy of it calling as if it wants to be expressed. I don’t know at this time what it will look like...perhaps it will have come into being by the time we have the art trek.

My work has been featured in both international and national art magazines, and is hanging in local galleries and businesses. This is my second year in the Art Trek year and I am excited to be a part of such an upscale fine art group of artists. I hope to meet you at Gallery IQ in Rocklin.