xxxxxChris Magisano - Studio #9

It was March 31st, 2011, and once again, Chris Magisano woke up in a cold sweat. Her life as a gainfully employed person was about to end. She simply could not stand another minute of NOT making or creating. With all the encouragement needed from Doc G, her wife, she laid down her badge and picked up a hammer and a saw. That was the end of 8-5 and the beginning of The Meltdown.

Then, because change is always so smooth and easy, in July of 2015, Chris (aka Maggie) and Doc G loaded up a covered wagon with studio, furniture, and animals—all too dear to leave behind—and moved to northern California from Houston, Texas.

Now she gets up every morning, puts on the clothes she likes, dawdles as much as she wants, and eventually gets into the studio. Once there, Maggie takes over and we are very grateful to be home.