Craig Johnson - Studio #6

I have moved into the digital age with my photography, but I still process in my "dry darkroom" to varying degrees.  Sometimes I just crop and adjust the exposure, and other times I use complicated processes.  I always try to achieve an effect that I feel is more pleasing, and perhaps even more true, than the original image. 

  Leopard and her kill

  Sleepy Cheeta

Galway Bay.
"If you ever go across the sea to Ireland,
then maybe at the closing of your day,
you can sit and watch the moonrise over Claddagh,
and see the sun go down on Galway Bay."

Lots of different versions of the lyrics. This is from the Celtic Woman version. This photograph, enhanced with mixed media, was accepted into the Crocker Art Auction in 2016. 

Interval moonrise over Folsom Lake. 
Have you watched a full moon rise? I photographed this from my studio one clear night. The next to the last shot has a plane crossing over the moon. Pure luck, but you can see it on a photograph, when you visit me for the studio tour 27-28 April.

"Picture Perfect" Photographic jewelry. Photographs printed on aluminum are machined to shape, placed into findings or rolled into cuff bracelets. Unique, and make great wearable art gifts.

Ravine Falls and Poppies on Table Mountain. Senator Nielsen selected this for the California Contemporary Art Collection exhibit in the State Capitol. Ravine Falls are located on North Table Mountain, in Butte County just a little north of Oroville. In the spring there are several natural falls and a beautiful array of wild flowers.

Umbrellas in Brno. I do like color, and these umbrellas were hanging so beautifully near the main square. It was an overcast day, but they were brilliant and a contrast to the rest of the scene.